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Zombie Fish

Zombie Fish Small + Rigs

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The small sized Zombie Fish combined with 2 perfectly sized pre-rigs will save you precious time rigging your dead bait. Setting you up for the ultimate trolling or casting bait every time.

Predatory species like Mackerel, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Cobia, Kingfish, Barramundi and Mulloway for example simply can’t resist the steady swimming action of any bait fish coupled with Zombie Fish.

Use the ’Small Size’ Zombie Fish with bait species like Yellowtail, Slimey Mackerel, Garfish, small Bonito, Whiting and Pilchards.

Watch the instructional videos to see how incredibly easy it is to rig your Zombie Fish and see massive predatory fish caught on camera.